Construction Works Management Programme (CWMP)


→ About the Programme:-

With the continuing technological and commercial growth, Construction projects are becoming more and more complex with growing challenges demanding a professional approach for success. Primary compe-tency requirements of the executing personnel supervising & managing projects can be listed as below:

  • Personnel employed/to be employed with the construction industry have the basic requisite knowledge and understanding about managing the construction works of the skills they are going to employ or administrate;
  • Productivity of the personnel meets the world class standards and the employer is able to avail of best deliveries and outputs;
  • The issues related to quality and safety is properly adhered to by the personnel.

Currently available human resources in industry, having such capabilities, are scarce and substantial num-bers of such professionals are needed. CIDC, under its Human Resource Development objectives, has initi-ated a training program titled Construction Works Management Programme (CWM Programme) in different competencies required for project execution addressing the above requirements. Currently the program is structured into 7 modules as under:

Group 1: For Business Management and Engineering Professionals
CWM01. Site Management & Project Economics (SMPE),
CWM02. Construction Contract Claims & Arbitration (CCCA),
CWM03. Construction Equipment Management & Economics (CEME),

Group 2: For Engineering Professionals only
CWM04. Scaffolding Management & Steel Fabrication (SMSF),
CWM05. Scaffolding Management & Concreting Process (SMCP),
CWM06. Cost Estimation & Inventory Management (CEIM), &
CWM07. Safety, Security & Quality Control (SSQC).

Through these training modules, Associate Managers having essential competencies shall be developed so that they are able to deliver desired results more efficiently with optimum outputs.

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